Meaning of Fortuito

What is Fortuitous:

The word fortuitous refers to something that happens casually and unexpectedly. The fortuitous is what happens and, on many occasions, is considered implausible.

Chance events are those that escape human predictions, hence they are so unexpected.

For example, an assault, the loss of a personal object, an unexpected meeting with a friend that you have not seen for a long time, among others.

Fortuitous is a term derived from Latin fortuītus. It is also an adjective (fortuitous, fortuitous), which is used to qualify a particular situation or event.

Some synonyms that can be used to replace the word fortuitous are: casual, unforeseen, accidental, sudden, random.

Fortuitous event

A fortuitous event is defined as an event that occurs by chance. Generally, it is used to indicate the events that generate damage and whose origin is difficult to attribute to a particular person. The fortuitous event, as can be seen, is unforeseen.

That is, it derives from an internal matter unknown to individuals, although they can be part of an action plan and even be prepared for it. However, they are still not considered and therefore are surprising.

For example, a security breach in the development of a social event that generates confusion and chaos, even when it is extremely clear of the anticipation of any danger, can be considered a fortuitous event.

Unlike a case of force majeure, which occurs by an external agent, which with certainty is usually difficult to prevent and, in the case of being warned, it cannot be avoided either.

For example, the unexpected formation of an electrical storm that affects a Caribbean island and causes destruction and serious damage to various infrastructures.

In the area of ​​law, for its part, a fortuitous event is understood to be an event that could not be foreseen in a premeditated manner and can be considered as an act of force majeure.

Examples of the use of the term fortuitous

Below are some cases in which you can see how the term fortuitous is used depending on the events.

  • I had a chance meeting this afternoon with an old friend.
  • The fortuitous sandstorm caused severe damage to the rose garden.
  • A young man died in the middle of a confusing situation during the soccer game. The journalists informed the public of the unfortunate and fortuitous event.
  • As a result of a fortuitous event at work, I had to cancel my medical appointment today.
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