Meaning of Franco

What is Francoism:

Francoism is called the political, totalitarian and fascist regime imposed in Spain, after the Civil War of 1936-1939, by General Francisco Franco from 1936 to 1975.

General Francisco Franco was a military man and dictator who participated in the 1936 coup in Spain, during the Spanish Civil War and who, as a consequence, paved the way for him to be the political figure that would later impose himself as dictator. .

The Franco regime was a political regime for almost forty years, until Franco's death on November 20, 1975.

Franco was the leader of the Spanish Traditionalist Falange party and of the Unionist National Offensive Boards (for its acronym FET and JONS), which served as support to establish his totalitarian regime that would culminate in dictatorship.

All these political, social and economic events that occurred in Spain, were happening at the same time as the Second World War.

Franco received financial and political support from the Hitler and Mussolini governments. However, he could not fully repay the support of the Germans and Italians during the war due to economic problems.

The ideological bases of Francoism were based on being a type of totalitarian, anti-communist, fascist, Catholic and conservative political system.

Francoism, as a political regime, opposed leftist tendencies and ideologies in order to prevent communism from being established and deployed both in Spain and in Europe.

During the Franco regime, the configuration of political parties opposed to the government was prohibited, only the existence of groups with a certain political sensitivity was allowed, to which Franco entrusted certain tasks at their convenience, but from their control.

As in any totalitarian system, the media were also working under a restriction imposed by Franco, therefore, the published information was always supervised to have ideological control, to limit freedom of expression, even to the human rights of the Spanish people.

The Franco regime also limited citizens to make use of their languages ​​and regional cultural expressions, with the aim of further controlling the people. It was a time when there was a lot of poverty and hunger.

However, after so many years of Franco, the system was weakening, and on the contrary, protests, strikes and opponents was on the rise.

After Franco's death, the Franco regime ended and a new political period began in Spain around 1977.

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