The 15 phrases that best define friendship

Friendship is an affective relationship that occurs between two or more people in which affinity occurs and through which individuals share values, beliefs and special moments.

What is most valued in friendship is the loyalty, commitment, support and sincerity that exists between friends.

Friendship is receptive

Throughout the development of a friendship, people present themselves as they really are without shame or fear of being judged. Friendships imply respect, acceptance, understanding, and trust. Among friends there are no masks that hide our true being.

Friendships of life

Throughout life, we have the opportunity to meet hundreds of people and, with some of them, bonds of friendship will be created that will last through the years because they will be made up of a series of unique and unrepeatable moments, especially during the childhood.

Friendships are a fundamental part of each person's individual growth and development. Living and sharing experiences with friends is part of our lives.

Friendship and fidelity

Friendships are made up of a series of family, moral and social values ​​that make them unique and special. Faithfulness is a fundamental part of friendships, being faithful among friends means respecting decisions, giving support, having time to listen and advise.

Friendship time

Friendships are built over the years, that is, they involve dedicating a part of our time to it. However, that time is not measured or calculated, it simply must be lived and shared. True friendships cross the barriers of time because no limits are imposed.

Friendship in shelter

Throughout life, people experience various circumstances that can put our friendship to the test. However, if the friendship is true and committed, you can overcome any misunderstanding or situation.

Among friends there will always be a meeting point and a disagreement, the important thing is to find the support center for the balance to remain balanced and respect and understanding prevail.

10 phrases about friendship

Here are ten more phrases about the true meaning of friendship:

  • "Friendship is a soul that inhabits two bodies, a heart that inhabits two souls." Aristotle
  • "Do not spend time with someone who is not willing to spend with you." Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • "Take time to choose a friend, but be even slower to change it." Benjamin Franklin
  • “Yes, love is fine in its own way, but friendship is a much higher thing. There is really nothing in the world more noble and rare than a true friendship. " Oscar Wilde
  • "A friend is one who gives you the freedom to be yourself." Jim Morrison
  • "Friends often become thieves of our time." Plato
  • “I need someone who comes to fight by my side without being called. Someone friend enough, how to tell me the truths that I don't want to hear, even knowing that I can get irritated. For this reason, in this world of indifferent people, I need someone who believes in that mysterious, discredited and almost impossible thing: FRIENDSHIP! " Charlie chaplin
  • "Do not have a friend who praises you." Saint John Bosco
  • "Our friendship does not depend on things like space and time." Richard Bach
  • "You will never know who your friends are until you fall from grace." Napoleon
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