Respect defined in 15 sentences

Respect is a virtue and a positive feeling that motivates individuals to take a careful look at their personality, efforts and achievements, to value and respect themselves individually and those around them.

Respect for some is earned, for others it is built, and for many others it is possessed; therefore, it is related to morals and ethics.

Respect is the will to recognize and value oneself

Confucius (551 BC-479 BC)C.), was a Chinese thinker whose teachings invited good behavior, respect for hierarchy, care for traditions and charity.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), was a social fighter for non-violence; he went on hunger strikes and was a very important figure in the Indian independence movement and struggle.

Respect does not mean idealize

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was a renowned German physicist who left in the following sentence his reflection on the respect that we all owe each other equally:

Respect is acceptance

Lao Tzu (571 BC-531 BC) was an important Chinese philosopher who said the following phrase about respect:

Respect generates more respect

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881), an important Russian writer and thinker who stressed the importance of respecting ourselves before others:

Respect for all

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a sociologist, economist, and philosopher who referred to respect as follows:

Respect is not fear

Albert Camus (1913-1960), French novelist, journalist and playwright who stressed that respect should not be based on fear:

Eight Quotes About Respect

Below are eight phrases from different thinkers, artists, among others, who have written and expressed their opinion about the importance of respect in human relationships:

  • “Being one, being unique, is a great thing. But respecting the right to be different is perhaps greater ”. Bond.
  • "It is always more valuable to have respect than the admiration of people." Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  • "Suffering deserves respect, submitting is despicable." Victor Hugo.
  • “Sublime qualities command respect; the beautiful love ”. Immanuel Kant.
  • "Above all, respect yourself." Pythagoras.
  • "He who wants a rose must respect the thorns." Turkish proverb.
  • "Respect for one ends where respect for the other begins." Bob marley
  • "Respect for life is the foundation of any other right, including freedom." John paul ii
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