Meaning of Fraternity

What is Fraternity:

Fraternity is a term derived from Latin frater, which means brother. For this reason, fraternity means kinship between brothers or brotherhood. Universal brotherhood designates the good relationship between men, where the feelings of affection typical of blood brothers, union and good correspondence develop.

Fraternity is the bond of union between men based on respect for the dignity of the human person, on the equal rights of all human beings and on solidarity for one another.

Fraternity is a value that is not only limited to men but a universal and transversal value to all human beings to consider ourselves all brothers. In this way the value of fraternity leads us to be supportive, respectful and empathic with one another.

As a philosophical concept, fraternity is linked to the ideals promoted by the French Revolution in 1789, based on the search for freedom, equality and fraternity.

The fraternity is highly developed among the students of American universities. It is similar to an association in which members come together to organize parties and other events that allow students to socialize. Friendship, companionship, camaraderie, and other principles are practiced among members.

The movement Scout it is also a movement that promotes fraternity. Through the practice of teamwork, respect for the human being, love for animals and nature, the young participants become an example of leadership, responsibility, generosity, altruism and fraternity.

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