Meaning of Strong

What is Strong:

The term strong is used as a synonym for energetic, dynamic, spirited, hard-working, strong, powerful. Also, the word strong is an adjective that qualifies anyone or that which has resistance and strength.

The word strong in reference to the human being describes the man with strength and resistance in carrying out some physical activity without feeling feelings of weakness, tiredness or fatigue. "Alexander is a very strong man. He performs all day of exercises."

Also, strong describes a person with the courage to endure and overcome obstacles and misfortunes that arise throughout his life. For example: "You must be strong to bear the death of your father."

Strong, on the other hand, is that which is abundant or intense, or also that which produces a sensation on the senses, such as: “today the sun is very strong”, “the coffee is strong”. Without leaving out, that strongly labels every matter that shows or receives importance from the individual, "Eduardo has to work harder if he wants to receive a salary increase."

The word strong is used to enhance the excess amount of the thing that is indicated. "The company is strong in beachwear."

Strong also identifies the character of the human being, manifested with anger, a high tone of voice, a sharp attitude and little dialogue. For instance; "He has a strong character", "He has a strong personality."

In another context, in economics, the hard currency is one that has a high demand in the foreign exchange market. This brings positive but also negative consequences, in the first context it attracts foreign investment, low inflation and high productivity rates, stable monetary policies, among others. However, the hard currency can also reduce the demand for exports relative to imports.

In the military area, the military fort is a defensive architecture built to serve as a defense during a war conflict, in other words, it is a fortified place to withstand attacks or invasions and where the military garrison is confined to attack, protect and serve.

See also Bastion.

The word strong is used in colloquial language to indicate the fact that certain situations surprise, either because of their gratitude or displeasure for the individual who receives the news or suffers due to the situation. For example: how strong my mother's abandonment! How strong that news!

In English, strong is translated as strong.

Finally, strong is of Latin origin fortis.

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