Expressive or emotional function

What is the expressive or emotional function?

The expressive function, also called the emotional or symptomatic function, is a type of language function that is used for the purpose of communicating to a receiver the states of mind (feelings, emotions) of the sender.

The issuer, in this case, plays a leading role in the exercise of communication, since it becomes a reference to the statement.

It was the linguist Roman Jackobson who coined this expression, which is also part of the six main functions of language, which also include the appellative function, the referential function, the phatic function, the poetic function and the metalinguistic function.

The expressive function or emotional function is usually manifested or verbalized through the use of the first person singular, although not exclusively. As an example of this exception, let's look at the phrase: "How beautiful is the sky!"

Likewise, he frequently uses the use of verbs in the subjunctive mood, interjections and exclamatory sentences.

Thus, through the expressive function, the subject expresses his emotions and his inner world, which includes feelings, desires, prejudices, sensations and preferences.

The expressive function contains representative or referential elements within it; however, the expression of emotion deprives them.

40 examples of emotive function

Among some examples of the expressive, emotional or symptomatic function we can cite the following phrases:

  1. I wish our relationship would work.
  2. I am not comfortable with this situation.
  3. Finally! It was time for you to arrive.
  4. My stomach hurts!
  5. Today I feel happy!
  6. Miss you.
  7. Too bad the team lost! I hope we get another chance.
  8. Oh! I bit my tongue.
  9. Congratulations on your new promotion!
  10. I like to walk on the beach.
  11. Miguel de Cervantes is my favorite writer.
  12. I wish I could win a million dollars.
  13. Since I met him I have been happy.
  14. What a beautiful sunset!
  15. These flowers are gorgeous.
  16. You always make me laugh.
  17. Bravo!
  18. I am very grateful to my family.
  19. Thanks god!
  20. If I could start over, I would do it differently.
  21. I'm afraid of heights.
  22. How exciting it is to climb the mountains!
  23. I have a craving for chocolate.
  24. My mouth is watering.
  25. I am offended by your conduct.
  26. I had always wanted to see Paris.
  27. This place is dreamy.
  28. The love story of José and María is the most beautiful I have ever heard.
  29. Leave me alone!
  30. How long are you going to bother me with your impertinent questions?
  31. I do not care.
  32. I am outraged by the abuse of power.
  33. Nice to meet you!
  34. Great performance!
  35. Caramba!
  36. I got tired of your lies
  37. I can't take this situation anymore.
  38. I'd like to take a vacation.
  39. I love you.
  40. Ah! Now I understand.
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