Fundamental meaning

What is Fundamental:

Fundamental is an adjective that is used to indicate everything that serves as a foundation or is the main thing in a thing, when referring to what is a foundation we must understand the meaning of the word. Foundation is the principle or basis of a thing, it is the main reason or motive.

Fundamental is synonymous with primordial, important, vital, essential, elemental, therefore the fundamental word refers to something of great importance, that has a crucial role or that is indispensable, for example: fundamental right or law, fundamental visit, fundamental stone , fundamental note, and so on.

In the area of ​​music, a root note is the main note of a chord through which the other notes of the chord originate. In the area of ​​economics, fundamental analysis allows knowing and evaluating the true value of the title and share in order to intuit the future performance that is expected to be obtained from the title or action, this is obtained through some indicators, such as : quality of management, financial reserves, high profits and sales income, among others.

In astronomy, a fundamental star is known as one whose movements and position are precisely known, and it allows calculating the positions of other stars with respect to the fundamental star.

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