Meaning of FYI

What is FYI:

FYI is an abbreviation for the English term “For your information”, in Spanish it means “for your information”.

In the workplace, there is a set of codes at the time of sending communications by email or physical in order to save time and reach the other person a message in which it must be fulfilled, this is the case of acronyms FYI. FYI is incorporated in the body or subject of the message, in order to indicate to the receiver that the information attached is solely and exclusively informative and, therefore, does not require a response.

Likewise, when the letter "J" is added at the beginning of the acronym "FYI", that is, "JFYI" means "Just for your information" which in Spanish is the same as "only for your information", it contemplates the same The purpose is an informative message that does not require a response or any action from the recipient.

In a job, the subjects or email bodies have different acronyms that will be known by the worker as they become familiar with them, such as:

  • "FYA" its acronym corresponds to "For your action" or "For your attention" which means "for your action" or "for your attention", in this case, the recipient must respond to the email and take action as to what requested in it.
  • "FGY" means "For your guindance" translated into Spanish is "for your guidance", it indicates that the email contains instructions that must be followed.

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