Gamer meaning

What is Gamer:

Gamer means "player". It is used specifically to refer to people who play video games regularly. In this sense, it could be translated into Spanish as "gamer" or "video game player".

The word gamer It is an Anglicism, that is, a word of English origin assimilated to the Castilian language.

Its use has spread widely around the world through the rise of online video game culture. Indeed, such has been the development of this activity that today there are professional competitions.

With the advancement of this industry, gamer have diversified, so that today we can speak of a classification of gamers. Let's see.

Types gamer

  • Gamer professional or pro-gamer: are those whose extensive skills and training have allowed them to be part of teams and professionalize in this area as a highly competitive sport.
  • Gamer hard or hard-core gamer: he is a regular player who aspires not only to entertainment but also to the conquest of challenges of different levels of difficulty. It differs from the previous one in that it does not accrue fees for its dedication. You are interested in achieving high scores and you spend a great deal of time on it. Many times these gamers They share their feats and tricks in the form of tutorials on YouTube.
  • Gamer regular, core gamer or mid-core gamer: is the intermediate player between the hard and the casual. Looking for value experiences and immersion, but still prefer somewhat more accessible games. Enjoy the playful element, even with a certain level of competitiveness.
  • Gamer casual: is the player who only goes to video games occasionally. He does not commit to a single game or style of play, nor does he have a consistent habit. Therefore, you do not develop the same skills as others.
  • Noob: is the newbie who enters the world of gamer but he does not know the hierarchies of the circuit, which he frequently disrespects, and does not improve his techniques over time.
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