Meaning of Physical Geography

What is Physical Geography:

Physical geography is the branch of geography that is dedicated to the study, analysis and understanding of the earth's surface, its patterns, processes and natural elements.

In this sense, physical geography focuses above all on space and the elements of natural geographic space, such as relief, soils, climate, vegetation and terrestrial waters, among other aspects.

In turn, different auxiliary disciplines emerge from physical geography:

  • Climatology, which is dedicated to the study of climate and weather.
  • Geomorphology, which focuses on the relief of the earth's surface.
  • Hydrology, which aims to study inland waters.
  • Glaciology, oriented to the analysis of bodies of water in solid state, such as glaciers, ice caps, icebergs and the great ice shelves, etc.
  • Biogeography, which is dedicated to the study of the distribution of living beings (animals and plants), and the processes involved in it.
  • Pedology, which aims to study the composition and nature of the soil.
  • Coastal geography, which studies the dynamics and processes of coastal regions.
  • The orography, which deals with the mountain formations.
  • Paleogeography, which is dedicated to investigating the geography of previous times and its evolution through time.
  • Landscape ecology, which is responsible for the study of landscapes and their relationship with human beings as transforming agents.

See also Relief.

Physical geography is a very important study discipline, as it helps us to know our geographic space and determine the environmental ordering of our territories, as well as prevent natural risks and reduce the impact of human activities on the environment.

Physical geography is, along with human geography and regional geography, one of the three great fields of geographical knowledge.

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Physical geography and human geography

Physical geography and human geography are branches of geography that influence each other, since natural factors, studied by physics, directly influence human beings and their relationship with their physical environment. And, in the same way, human beings can greatly affect the physical space in which they live or with which they interact.

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