Meaning of Gym

What is Gym:

By gym we mean a place where people practice gymnastics, that is, physical exercise. It comes from the Latin gymnasium and this from the Greek term gymnastics, derivation of gymnazein, which translates to 'do physical exercise naked' (gymnos = naked).

In some countries the word gymnasium refers to centers of intellectual education equivalent to the high school. This is because in ancient Greece, the training of males in the gymnastics it was based on physical education, while intellectual training was complementary (philosophy, declamation, poetry, music and mathematics). When the Sophists appeared in the 5th century BC, they founded schools essentially devoted to intellectual training, but by extension they received the same name.

Today, the abbreviation has become popular gym to refer to the gym. This results from the influence of the English language and marketing strategies that take advantage of the popular trend towards the economy of language.

Elements and structure of a gym

Normally, gyms must have trainers hired to guide people in their physical routines, since there is always the risk of injury due to ignorance or abuse.

The gym as a place for physical training is usually equipped with different rooms. For example, they always have a machine room for weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises.

They also have rooms for the practice of collective disciplines such as aerobics, yoga, dance therapy, pilates, crossfit, Tae Bo, stretching, etc., always guided by a certified instructor.

The structure of a gym should include bathrooms with showers, changing rooms and lockers to store belongings during training. Some often include saunas.

In addition, gyms should include some elementary pieces and tools for training such as mats, balls, benches (steps), dumbbells, etc.

Gyms have a code of hygiene, conduct and dress that must be respected. There are also rules on the use of machinery.

High-performance athletes are trained in sports complexes that have extensive and professional facilities, such as race tracks, arenas, swimming pools, etc. These complexes usually also have machine rooms.

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