Sunflower Meaning

What is Sunflower:

Sunflower is a herbaceous plant of the asteraceous family, with a scientific name helianthus annuus, which is characterized by having yellow flowers, edible fruits and robust and upright stems.

The sunflower receives this name thanks to the properties that this plant possesses when it is young and that allow it to rotate in the direction of the sun's rays (heliotropism), and in this way take advantage of its virtues.

However, the sunflower also receives other names such as mirasol, flor del Sol, tile corn, among others. Likewise, from Nahuatl it receives the names of chimalatl or chimalxochitl, which mean "shield flower".

The sunflower is a plant native to North and Central America, where it has been cultivated since ancient times, approximately 3000 years ago. Then, sunflower cultivation spread throughout the world at the beginning of the 16th century, after the colonization process.

Currently, it is a plant cultivated in a large number of countries thanks to its various nutritional contributions derived from its seeds and its properties to obtain oil. On the other hand, sunflowers are also used for decorative purposes.

Sunflower characteristics

Below are the main characteristics of sunflowers.

  • It is a herbaceous plant.
  • It grows annually.
  • It is a plant that can grow up to three meters high.
  • It has a robust stem, erect, with hairs and large oval leaves. The stem does not branch.
  • It is a plant that has a response to sunlight called heliotropism. Therefore it has the ability to move in the direction of the sun's rays.
  • The sunflower flower can measure between 5 and 40 centimeters wide.
  • It is a plant that grows daily if it has the necessary conditions.
  • It has various nutritional properties from which sunflower oil and rich protein flours can be obtained.
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