Glossary Meaning

What is the Glossary:

The glossary is a list of classified words and expressions of a text, author, dialect that are difficult to understand and each one is accompanied by its meaning or a comment.

Likewise, the word glossary can be understood as the dictionary of obscure or unused words or the collection of glosses. Glosses are clarifications of a text, written in its margins or between lines, or the translation of the text into another language.

The word glossary comes from Latin glossarium.

The glossary is commonly included at the end of the book or encyclopedia, or failing that, at the beginning of it, in order to complement the main information, for example a law book may include several Latin terms in the glossary.

The professionals in charge of preparing the glossary are in charge of selecting the terms that represent a certain difficulty in understanding, verifying that the meaning that appears in the dictionary corresponds to the word within the context of the writing, paraphrasing the meaning of each word and, finally , organize the words alphabetically to facilitate the search for the reader.

In general, those books that deal with specific topics of a subject add a glossary so that the reader can perceive and understand the meaning of the text, for example a glossary in the areas of computer science, biology, chemistry or accounting is a list that It contains information on specific terms for each discipline, allowing the reader to gain a better understanding.

Glossary or dictionary

The glossary and dictionary have a similarity since in both there are unknown words with their respective meanings but they have a difference: in the glossary there are words from a specific text while in the dictionary there is no classification by subject but can be found the explanation of any term.

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