Meaning of Record

What is Record:

Engraving is the process of carving, carving, sculpting, inscribing, or capturing, recording, saving or saving information, drawings, figures, texts, etc. in different types of formats or surfaces and with different tools.

Since ancient times, there are many historical recordings that were made by carving, with a burin or chisel, in relief of figures, texts or drawings on stone, wood, metal or any hard surface. For example, cave paintings, ideograms, runic alphabets, among others.

Engraving is carving drawings or texts on a plate or a wooden or metal board and can later reproduce them in paper copies. For example, books, newspapers, magazines, etc. which are suitable for direct reading.

Currently, with technology, there are new methods and ways to represent, record and express thoughts, feelings and experiences, in any type of material or medium. With the help of computers, it is possible to record, collect, capture or capture and record, saving, saving or storing data or information, such as images or sounds on a magnetic tape, a magnetic disk, a CD, a DVD, or any medium or storage medium that can then be played back.

This type of data storage requires suitable tools for reading it, for example a monitor or screen, or a printer, and they facilitate automatic retrieval of data stored in the memory of a computer. Thus, for example, when a text stored on a computer is printed, a paper copy is available that can be read without the need for any tools and there is still a copy on the computer.

To record is also to fix strongly or to keep a fact, a concept, a memory or a feeling deeply in the memory or in the mind.

Burn or Tax

Record and record are homonymous words, that is, words that sound the same but are written differently and have different meanings.

The root of recording is related to everything that leaves a record like a recording recorded on a tape recorder.

The word encumber on the other hand is related to encumbrance. Lien is a tax, fee, mortgage. The word tax can be used to refer to: the exemption from the tax, that something is free of tax, the tax on real estate, etc.

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