Meaning of Grande

Which is big:

Large is understood as the adjective that identifies the person, animal or thing whose size is not within normality. Or what is the same as having tall, long dimensions, and in certain spacious areas. "That dog was born with a big head", "Shantal has a big jewel", "your living room has a big space".

This term refers to how strong, perceptible or intense that a situation entails for the individual, such as: “immigrants find great difficulties in obtaining residence”, “and with great regrets they said goodbye”.

Likewise, grande classifies a person, matter, or thing as important because of its quality, quality, values, presentation, or other positive characteristics. "Mandela was a great activist who led the movements against apartheid", "insecurity in Latin American countries is a subject of great anguish."

On the other hand, large identifies the person, thing, company and / or institution that is most important due to excess economic power, influences or power within its scope. "Real Madrid is a great club worldwide."

Likewise, great refers to the living being that presents a noble, distinguished, distinguished behavior, with moral and intellectual attributes. "She is a great woman."

In children's language, the word big refers to the adult person, for example: “when I grow up, I want to be a lawyer”, “when I grow up, I want to drive the subway”, and so on. However, parents can use this term to praise or showcase their children's growth, "my daughter is already grown up, she doesn't want to play with dolls."

The term large can also be used to identify the presence in excess of people, animals or things in a certain place. For example: "What a lot of people attended the event!", What a lot of toys you have! ".

Great, it can be expanded with its meaning to everything that has imminent character or nature, "it is a great theatrical work." As observed, grande is a word used in different contexts, and it can also be used in colloquial phrases such as the ones we can mention:

  • In a big way, it identifies the event carried out with great luxury or ostentation, without depriving itself of any type of privilege or goods and services of good taste. "He celebrated his son's party in a big way."
  • Larger, an individual who is older or larger compared to another person. "Carlota is bigger than Shantal by a month apart."
  • Have a great time, synonymous with enjoying a lot. "This weekend we are going to have a great time."

The synonyms for great are great, great, broad, spacious, broad, noble, outstanding, etc. For its part, the opposite of large is insignificant, tiny, small, tiny, among others.

In English, the big word is big, "my handbag is big". In case of being used with the meaning of strong, intense, it is translated as intense, profound.

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