Meaning of Guaraní

What is Guaraní:

Guaraní is an indigenous community belonging to several countries in South America, an indigenous language and one of the official currency used in Paraguay.

The Guaranís as an indigenous people or native people encompass a territory that today includes several countries in which Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay are found.

It is estimated that the Guaraní people currently have a population of more than 5 million inhabitants.

The Guaranís live mainly in Paraguay where the Guaraní language is considered together with Spanish the official language of that country and whose currency is also called Guaraní in honor of the indigenous people.

Despite the fact that in Paraguay the vast majority of Guaraní descendants suffer from some type of miscegenation, especially by the Spanish, in the northeast of the country there are still Guaraní aborigines who have not lost their culture. Among the best known are the Apapocuva.

Being indigenous or aboriginal means that for generations they have belonged to the place where they were born preserving their culture and language.

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