Guerrilla meaning

What is Guerrilla:

A guerrilla, in military vocabulary, can designate different things: a skirmish, an armed struggle system, a troop made up of small command groups or a military organization other than the Army. The word, as such, is a diminutive of war, which comes from the Germanic werra, which means ‘fight’, ‘discord’.

In military tactics, the guerrillas function as an auxiliary troop to the army, and act in accordance with its strategic objectives. It is deployed, mainly, in natural terrain and difficult to access for the outsider. Their type of fight consists of carrying out surprise attacks, ambushes, blowing up facilities, bridges and roads, as well as stealing weapons and supplies, all with the aim of weakening the enemy.

See also Provisions.

On the other hand, as a guerrilla it can also be called a military organization, different from the Army, whose objective is the imposition of a political, social and economic model contrary to the interests of the government or the political leadership of the country.

In Latin America, starting in the second half of the 20th century, the guerrillas emerged as organizations of armed struggle to confront the dictatorial regimes and social injustices of the continent. As such, they used both rural and urban environments for the fight. Some guerrilla movements, as in the case of Cuba, were victorious and took power and implanted the socialist model, and others, as in the case of Colombia, with the FARC or ELN, or of Mexico, with the Zapatista guerrillas, they keep alive, despite not having risen to power.

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