Meaning of Gluttony

What is Gluttony:

Gluttony is the action of eating or drinking abundantly and without necessity.

The term gluttony comes from the Latin gluttire, which means gulping or swallowing excessively food or drink without measure.

Gluttony is the excessive, exaggerated and uncontrolled desire for food and drink generating a vice. Gluttony is usually identified with a gluttonous person that indicates someone who eats voraciously but without hunger.

Gluttony is used to indicate someone who likes to eat a lot, generally referred to as a glutton, for example, "Luis eats everything he finds in the refrigerator when he is gluttonous" or "Luis eats all the food he finds because he's a glutton. "

Gluttony can also be used in the context of a compulsive eating disorder, where the person cannot avoid sneaking eating and drinking as a way to drown out other problems.

Finally, gluttony is better known as a sin in the Catholic religion, which manifests itself by eating or drinking more than the body needs, without being hungry.

One of the best known examples of gluttony is the behavior of the ancient Romans when they had banquets. In this sense, they ate their fill, then went to the nearest window to throw out everything they had ingested and returned to the table to eat again.

Deadly Sin: Gluttony

Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins of the Catholic religion. It is found between anger, lust, envy, laziness, pride and greed.

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