Meaning of Gymkhana

What is Gymkhana:

The word gymkhana, also known as gymkhana or yincana, is of Hindi and Persian origin "khana" What does it mean "meeting place" Y "gend" What does it mean "ball"By virtue of this it is concluded that gymkhana is a ball game. However, nowadays, it is called as the set of tasks arranged between different groups, with the same objective.

The gymkhana consists of performing various types of competitions where the contestants face various tests, obstacles that make the task difficult.

Gymkhanas have existed since the 19th century, in India, where participants mounted on a horse carried out a race in a circuit full of obstacles, which they should jump and if they did not, they were penalized. Today, gymkhanas are not only limited to the use of a hair but are also celebrated on foot or with other vehicles, such as: motorcycles, bicycles, cars, skates, among others, fulfilling other sports modalities, which consist of skill tests and obstacles.

Generally, gymkhanas are held in open places although this does not limit the fact that it can be performed in closed places. The gymkhanas can be organized with different objectives as part of a party for recreational purposes, to raise funds for an institution or person with illness, or only as a form of a plan where the contestants are rewarded.

Gymkhanas despite being a great idea to entertain children and adults, has other benefits such as helping to improve personal relationships, stimulates intelligence, helps to undertake teamwork in order to have a fun time and get the prize final. On the other hand, it can be carried out with the objective of raising awareness among the population of a locality, about the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources, such as: cleaning a beach, among others.

Some games that make up the gymkhana are: sack runs, water balloon, grabbing the apple with the mouth, shooting at baskets, passing the hoop, among others. In the same way, there are automobile gymkhanas, carried out on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, they consist of following a route with a series of obstacles as a test of skill, it is to be noted that when this type of gymkhana becomes a sport and loses its side recreational is known as rally.

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