Meaning of Halloween (or Halloween)

What is Halloween (or Halloween):

Halloween, also known as Halloween, is a popular celebration of traditional cult of the dead in Anglo-Saxon countries.

The word Halloween, as such, comes from the English expression All Hallow’s Eve, which means "All Dead's Eve".

Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31, the eve of All Saints' Day, a religious holiday in some countries.

Halloween has its origin in Ireland, in the rites of the Celts of the end of the harvest season. From there it went to the United Kingdom, from Europe the celebration was transferred to the United States, and since then it has become popular in Latin America.

See also All Saints Day.

Halloween symbols

On Halloween, many symbols are used with different meanings. The main ones are the pumpkins of malevolent expression with a fire inside, the witches, the black cats, the ghosts, the skulls and the costumes.

In addition, a gloomy decoration is tended to create a mysterious atmosphere, with candles, spider webs, bats, owls and scarecrows.

The main reason these characteristic horror symbols are used is for protection: to repel evil spirits that during these dates are believed to visit the world of the living.

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