Tool Meaning

What is Tool:

A tool is a utensil made with the purpose of making it easier and easier to carry out a mechanical task or activity that must be carried out with the correct application of energy and force. The word tool originates from the Latin ferramenta.

The tools are usually composed of resistant materials such as iron, in this way they are more durable and even facilitate various types of both mechanical and craft work.

There is a great diversity of tools and each of them fulfills one or more functions, because generally, although in principle they are intended to be used for a specific activity, they can also be used in different tasks.

The tools have been made by humans since prehistoric times, from the simplest tools to the most complex and modern that are known today in order to facilitate various tasks.

The first tools used by man were stones, bones and sticks that were used for hunting, making fire and even cleaning the hunted prey.

These tools have been modified in format and function as the human being has evolved. Therefore, from the simplest tools, the most complex and specialized have emerged.

Types of tools

There is a large number of tools according to their function, but in general terms they can be classified very simply as: hand tools and mechanical tools.

Manual tools are those that are used by applying muscular force, that is, directly from the arm and hand of the person who uses them and without using electrical energy.

Among these tools we can name: the hammer, screwdrivers, tweezers, various types of keys, the lever, the file, among others.

Hand tools are often widely used in various craft activities. For example, people who work with wood and make various silhouettes or carvings on it, use the gouge, saw, chisel and other necessary tools as tools.

For its part, mechanical tools work through electrical energy and / or motor or machine and perform much more complex tasks than manual tools and are generally used in construction or in various types of repairs.

Among them the drill, the lathe, the electric saw, the hydraulic jack, the emery, among others.

For example, during a remodeling, people usually make use of mechanical tools, not only because of the type of work that must be carried out, but because in many cases, only one of these tools can perform a task. like opening a small hole in the wall to insert a screw.

The tools can also be distinguished according to their function, whether it is assembly, clamping, striking, joining and measuring, cutting and tracing.

The assembly tools are those that are used either to tighten or loosen an object, generally screws. These include screwdrivers and various types of hand wrenches.

Holding tools are those used to hold parts, including pliers and tweezers.

Hitting tools are those that are used precisely to hit something, such as a hammer and mallet.

The joining and measuring tools are used in more complex jobs and with which people must be more cautious in their use, among these are welding machines and soldering irons.

Cutting machines are used precisely to cut objects into various pieces as required. Among them are manual or mechanical saws, chisels, scissors, among others.

The tracing tools are those used to measure proportions, such as the set of square, compass, rulers, meters, among others.

Other uses of the word tool

The word tool not only denotes a work instrument, it can also be used to refer to the various computer or programming tools that exist in the area of ​​computing and systems.

The term tool is also used to refer to a knife or dagger and, on the other hand, to indicate the horns of some animals such as the bull or the teeth of a person.

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