Meaning of Hygiene

What is Hygiene:

Hygiene refers to the care, practices or techniques used for the preservation of health and the prevention of disease. By extension, hygiene is related to the cleaning and cleaning of homes and public places. It comes from the French word hygiène.

Although hygiene care was already mentioned in ancient books, such as the quran or the BibleIt is modern medicine that will systematize its practice with the aim of avoiding diseases resulting from unhealthy conditions, such as infectious and epidemic. In this sense, hygiene has revolutionized human life in recent centuries, definitively changing the sanitary conditions of human populations, both rural and urban, and significantly reducing mortality.

Today, the concept of hygiene has evolved to the point that it is applicable to all areas of human life, such as collective, family and school hygiene, as well as environmental, water, air and food hygiene. , etc.

Personal hygiene

As personal or individual hygiene, the personal hygiene habits that each person practices to prevent diseases and stay healthy are designated. Among them we can mention oral hygiene, hand washing, cleaning eyes, ears, face, hair, genital area and feet, as well as periodic nail cutting.

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