Meaning of Hypocrisy

What is Hypocrisy:

Hypocrisy is the falsehood that a person shows in their actions or in their words, pretending or pretending qualities or feelings that, in reality, they do not have. The word, as such, comes from the Greek ὑποκρισία (hypokrisía).

Hypocrisy comes from the desire or need to hide our real feelings or motivations from others, projecting a false or unreal image of ourselves.

In hypocrisy there is an inconsistency between what is thought and what is done or said, this in order not to reveal our true personality. In this sense, hypocrisy is deceiving others; It is one of the many forms that lies take.

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Being hypocrites is considered an anti-value, an immorality, because even if we appear good or exemplary, and although we strive to appear better people than we are, ultimately all that is nothing more than appearances based on lies.

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