Meaning of Hobby

What is Hobby:

Hobby is an English word that is used to refer to hobbies or activities that are practiced for pleasure and recreationally in free time. As such, hobby [jobi] is an Anglicism that in Spanish we can translate as ‘hobby’ or ‘favorite distraction’. Its plural is written hobbies [jobis].

A hobby It is not an obligation that requires full-time dedication, but is practiced for pleasure, with the aim of alleviating the stress of the daily routine, be it school or work and, therefore, does not report any kind of economic benefit.

In this sense, a hobby It is not a work activity, but an escape route to relax and spread out. In any case, it may contain a certain level of affinity with our professional occupation, which, in its own way, can provide knowledge or help develop certain skills.

Hobby types

The hobbies they can be practical or intellectual. Some of the most popular are collecting, gardening, photography, painting or drawing. Activities such as playing an instrument, singing, acting, doing magic, building scale models, cooking, reading, playing a sport, walking, climbing, fishing, etc. can also be mentioned.

Benefits of practicing a hobby

The health benefits of having and regularly practicing a hobby they are invaluable. For psychologists and physicians, a Hobbie it is doing something that is truly enjoyable, and that compensates and balances daily activities, all of which have a positive impact on the individual's physical and mental health, as well as their overall quality of life. A good hobby:

  • It helps to exercise body and mind, or to balance the use that we give to one or the other in the daily routine.
  • It opens doors to develop hidden abilities or to better understand one's own virtues.
  • It allows cultivating discipline, creative potential (artistic disciplines) or healthy competition (sports).
  • Relieves and helps drain the tensions of everyday stress.
  • It is the best remedy against depression, anxiety, nervousness, as well as helping to prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's.
  • It improves, expands and diversifies social life and, therefore, quality of life.
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