Meaning of Man

What is Man:

Man is a word that can refer, in a general way, to the rational animated being, male or female, who is part of the human species. In this sense, the word is usually used as a synonym of human being, human species or Homo sapiens. As such, the word comes from the Latin homo, homnis.

However, in everyday speech, when saying “man” refers to the male specimen of the human species, also called male or, from a biological point of view, male.

The word man, on the other hand, is also used to differentiate the male who has reached adulthood from the younger specimens.

The concept of man has also been attributed, throughout history, a series of qualities that, supposedly, differentiate it from women, such as courage, firmness, courage or bravery, all considered manly virtues: " Your boy already talks like a man ”.

The term man is also often used in a generic way to differentiate a certain group of the human species: man from American, primitive man, modern man.

The word man is also used to refer specifically to a husband, a husband.

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