Meaning of Homo sapiens

What is Homo sapiens:

The homo sapiens It belongs to the order of the primates which, in turn, belongs to the hominid family. The term refers to the human species in the line of the evolution of the species. Homo sapiens is a Latin expression that literally means "thinking man" or "wise man".

The homo sapiens It is one of the species of Homo, As the homo nearthentalis or the homo erectus. However, it is the only one that has survived. This term includes both the current human being and the so-called "anatomically modern", which is at least 200 thousand years old.

The first historical manifestation of homo sapiens it occurred in Upper Paleolithic times. Indeed, the first vestiges of human history were elaborated by him.

This species of the homo He was responsible for the first tools made with stones and bone, in addition to having created the first artistic manifestations of humanity. The sculptural figurines (Venus de Willendorf, Venus de Lespugue) or the cave paintings in the Altamira caves in Cantabria are particularly significant. Likewise, it is attributed to homo sapiens the beginning of magical-religious thought.

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