Meaning of Homophobia

What is Homophobia:

Homophobia is known as irrational aversion, prejudice and discrimination towards homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals or the LGBT community. The word homophobia is of Greek origin, formed by homos which means "equal" and phobos which expresses "fear" plus the suffix -ia which represents "quality".

Homophobia is characterized by the rejection, fear, hatred or disgust that a group of people feel for homosexuality, in general. Initially, the term homophobia was used in 1966 by the American psychotherapist, writer, and activist George Weinberg.

Homosexuals suffer discrimination at work, in the social environment, suffering from verbal, psychological, physical and even crimes. Since 1991, Amnesty International has recognized discrimination against homosexuals as a violation of human rights.

See also Discrimination.

Homophobia is studied by psychologists and psychiatrists. Some studies reveal the relationship between hatred and homosexuality with repressed transsexual feelings, that is, there are individuals who have not yet defined their sexual identity, generating doubts and acts against those who have already defined their sexual preference. Other experts relate homophobia to certain mental structures of the personality, especially the authoritarian or dominant personality.

The origin of homophobia is due to social damage and cultural, political and religious influence. The policies of authoritarian governments such as: right-wing dictatorships (Hitler's Germany, Francoism, Pinochet) or leftist dictatorships (Cuba) have persecuted homosexuals, especially transgender people. On the other hand, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims assume homophobic tendencies.

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