Meaning of Approval

What is Homologation:

Homologation is the verification of documents, facts or qualities. It is a term that is used in different contexts in which certain characteristics and specifications must be verified according to a set of standards. It also indicates the action of homologate.

Therefore, homologation is the process through which an administrative or judicial authority recognizes and grants a certificate of the validity and compliance with standards, specifications and characteristics of a series of documents, objects or facts that have been equated, legitimized and approved. .

In other words, the homologation is an official recognition and provides the certainty that what is homologated complies with the specifications requested by either an institution, government or company, according to the established standards and requirements.

On the other hand, as synonyms for the term approval, the words matching, registration, verification, approval, ratification, among others, can be used.

See also Approve.

Academic approval

In the academic area, homologation refers to the recognition of degrees, diplomas and / or grades by a corresponding public institution, so that these documents are recognized abroad by other academic institutions.

In this way, the student can continue their studies abroad or, even, the professional can seek employment in their profession.

Economic homologation

It refers to the action of relating two material goods, in a similar way, in order to carry out a comparative negotiation analysis that may involve the action of buying or selling said goods. It is a way of investigating how much you can or cannot earn financially.

Automotive homologation

Vehicle homologation refers to two things. On the one hand, it indicates the consent that the vehicle can circulate on public roads.

On the other hand, it refers to the adaptations and modifications that are made to vehicles that are produced in series, from which a number is selected that will have certain specific modifications to participate in various competitions.

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