Meaning of Gallows

What is Gallows:

The gallows is a structure designed to hang people sentenced to this punishment.

The gallows is made up of three poles or beams, of which two are attached to the ground or on a platform. For its part, the third pole is placed horizontally over the other two, since it serves as a support to tie the rope with which the sentenced person is hung.

Likewise, the death penalty with which the accused person is sentenced and considered guilty of having committed a crime is called gallows.

In ancient times there was also another type of gallows that consisted of a forked stick on which the head of the condemned was placed. Once the individual was immobilized, he was whipped and forced to walk through the streets of the town.

However, before there were such structures for hanging, this sentence was already applied to the branches of trees to hold the person destined for this penalty.

In this sense, the gallows consists of placing a rope with a sliding knot around the neck of the individual that, when hanging, tightens until causing death.

In this way, the gallows became a method of execution or suicide that has been used, through the centuries, in order to cause death. Even this type of death penalty is still applied under the law in various parts of the world.

Likewise, throughout history there have been various cases of hanging sentences, many have been questioned because of their severity or because they are unclear situations.

Some cases of hanging have been imposed in ancient times to punish non-believers or those incited by racist movements that existed during the 20th century.

Among the best known cases are the trials carried out in 1692 in Salem, United States, in which various people accused of practicing witchcraft were sentenced to hang.

Mention can also be made of the hanging sentence received by the main Nazi leaders in the trial of Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II.

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