Meaning of Hospitality

What is Hospitality:

Hospitality is the quality of being hospitable, that is, of offering a good welcome and welcome to those who need it, especially visitors and foreigners. The word comes from Latin hospitalĭtas, hospitalitātis.

Hospitality is also exercised with pilgrims, needy or helpless, and involves helping them meet their basic needs.

Thus, hospitality fundamentally means offering the guest assistance in a set of basic issues, such as food, drink and accommodation.

Hospitality is a highly valued virtue in the tourism industry, as it involves being friendly and welcoming and welcoming those traveling within a foreign country.

See also:

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On the other hand, hospitality is also called the stay of the sick in the hospital.

Synonyms of hospitality are welcome, foster care, welcome, shelter or asylum.

In English, hospitality can be translated as hospitality. For instance: "Christians should welcome refugees by offering hospitality and sees it”(Christians should welcome refugees, offering hospitality and love).

Christian hospitality

Hospitality is a very important characteristic among Christians. In fact, in the Bible there is expressly the mandate by which God commands his children to be hospitable and to help each other without complaint. It says: "Be hospitable to one another without grumbling" (I Peter 4: 9-10).

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