Meaning of Humor

What is Humor:

Humor is a genre in the entertainment industry that is dedicated to making people laugh through jokes, jokes and sarcasm.

In a general way, humor also refers to the genius or state of mind of a person, such as "having a good mood" or "being in a bad mood."

The word humor comes from Latin humor indicating "liquids". This meaning of humor derives from the theory of the ancient Greeks about the existence of 4 "humors" that maintained the basic balance of every human being. The balance of the humors gave good health and it was said then that the person enjoyed a good humor.

In this way, the expression sense of humor refers to a person's disposition to jokes and laughs. Someone with a good sense of humor is cheerful, joking and sociable, unlike someone who does not have a sense of humor. On the other hand, mood swings are often identified as signs of psychological states that disturb the subject.

A person who is dedicated to creating a humorous show is called a humorist.

In literature, humor is a resource in all literary genres. Humor causes complicity with the reader, and makes reading more enjoyable.

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