Meaning of black humor

What is Black Humor:

The term "black humor" refers to a type of humor characterized by making situations that would normally produce fear, horror, pity or pity seen from a hilarious perspective.

In simpler words, black humor is one capable of seeing something "funny" in a situation that is not funny by itself, either because it is tragic, painful or complex. Part of the convention that these types of situations are not laughable within the framework of the values ​​accepted by society.

In this context, the "humorous" comes from the contradiction between the values ​​of social discourse (assumed as morally correct), versus unconfessed or implicit thoughts in behavior. For this reason, more than a laugh out loud, black humor tends to provoke complicit smiles.

Socially, black humor can function as a vehicle to express a critique of the current social order or of the collective imagination, denouncing values, situations and silenced elements in the name of political correctness.

Another function of black humor is to relax tension in the face of emotionally or morally compromised situations through distancing.

See also Joke.

Indeed, the humorous masquerade may be the only way for people to see their reality head-on. For this reason, black humor tends to generate reflective processes and debates after laughter.

Elements such as sarcasm, parody and irony, among others, can participate in black humor. Play with cruelty and challenge the limits of social morality. Therefore, it is often controversial and is not always well received.

In addition to the popular use of black humor, it has been expressed in many artistic-cultural manifestations, either as a tangential feature or as a characteristic of a dominant style. It is present in literature, comics, the cinema, the comedy programs on TV and, of course, in the cartoons and tapes of the press.

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