Meaning of Iberoamerica

What is Latin America:

Ibero-America is the name by which the region of America is known, made up of a group of countries that have in common having been colonies of Spain and Portugal in the past. The word is made up of the words "Iberia", the name of the westernmost peninsula in Europe, where the countries of Spain and Portugal meet, and "America".

The concept of Ibero-America, as such, can be understood from a sociocultural or geopolitical point of view.

It is sociocultural because it refers to the historical and cultural ties shared by the group of nations that make up Ibero-America: American independent states with a common past of colonial domination by Spain or Portugal. In addition, it serves to differentiate these countries from other American nations whose colonial past is associated with the culture and history of other European powers, such as the Netherlands, France and Great Britain.

Ibero-America is a geopolitical concept because it implies the association of a group of American and European countries linked by a series of strategic interests at the political and economic level, grouped together as a block of nations to establish alliances, exchanges and cooperation agreements. In this sense, the Ibero-American countries meet annually, since 1991, at the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government. They include Spain and Portugal and, on occasion, Iberian countries such as Andorra, or former Spanish colonies such as the Philippines or Equatorial Guinea have attended.

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