Icon Meaning

What is Icon:

Icon is a word from Greek eikon, which can mean an image, a religious painting characteristic of Orthodox churches, a concept in the field of semiology and semiotics, or a visual representation at the computer level.

In the field of semiology and semiotics, an icon is a visual sign that represents another object because it is similar to it. Thanks to this relationship of similarity, the icon can substitute for what it represents.

On a popular level, an icon can also be a very important and recognized person in his or her area of ​​work. For example, an icon of the world of music or sports is a person whose development in this area is widely recognized.

Icon or icon

The word icon is correct both without accents and with accents according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (RAE). However, the word icon with a tick is more used in Latin American countries and icon without a tick is more used in Spain.

Computer icon

In computing, an icon is the visual representation of a program or an application, such as icons that represent social networks.

The icon is an important element of the interface of an operating system, which facilitates the identification of the object by the user. For example, the icon Internet explorer It is the letter "E" in blue, with a circle that surrounds the letter on the diagonal or the famous emoticons, emoticons or faces.

Byzantine icons

In Orthodox countries, icon is the name given to any religious painting done on a panel (often on wood). The icons have been known since the 7th century, and are still being reproduced today. The icons consist of representations of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the saints, the angels, or the Christian cross.

Initially they used the encaustic technique, but soon they will pass to tempera. There are also metal, ivory, embroidery, stone carved, mosaic, paper, and ceramic icons.

This type of painting tends to focus on the immutable stylistic characteristics, since the perfection of the model comes from the fidelity of the image to a type.

One of the most important collections of icons (Byzantine) is the Monastery of Santa Catalina, on Mount Sinai. In Slavic countries icon sets are very important, emphasizing the originality of Russian schools.

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