Meaning of corporate identity

What is corporate identity:

Corporate identity is called the set of characteristics and values, tangible and intangible, that define and distinguish an organization, company or corporation, and that is established based on the concept it has of itself and in relation to others.

Corporate identity, like the identity of a person, arises from the awareness of an organization in relation to its existence, and is defined based on the characteristics, principles and philosophy by which it is governed.

The fundamental objective of corporate identity, in addition to positioning your image and creating a sense of belonging among your employees and customers, is to distinguish yourself from competing companies.

For this reason, it is essential that the corporate identity is reflected not only in the values ​​and philosophy of the company, but also in the visual identity, which is the graphic and visual expression of the brand.

What do you seek to reflect in the corporate identity? Well, the history of the company, the type of projects in which it is involved, its way of doing things. And all this comes to be translated into graphic language and included in your logo and in all the necessary elements to support and accompany it.

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