Meaning of Illusion

What is Illusion:

Illusion is the wrong appreciation of reality.

The human being perceives his environment through the senses which they send the information to the human brain in order to interpret the image but many times it suffers a distortion of reality produced by the wrong interpretation or deception of the senses.

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Similarly, the word illusion refers to a feeling of joy and satisfaction that causes due to the achievement or acquisition of something or the hope of achieving something that is desired.

Illusion comes from Latin illusion What does it mean "cheated."

Optical illusion

The optical illusion is the erroneous discernment of the object that is to be visualized through the sense of sight, this is produced by physiological or cognitive causes. Physiological causes occur with the intense visualization of an object affecting the light receptors of the retina, an example of this is glare, and cognitive causes the information sent by the eyes to the brain is erroneously interpreted by it, transmitting an image different from the one that This is being visualized because the brain only has the ability to see one image at a time.

Some examples of optical illusions; mirage, hologram, stereogram, among others.

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