Image Meaning

What is Image:

Image means figure or visual representation of something or someone. It comes from the Latin imāgo, imagĭnis, which means 'portrait'. In this sense, it can be a painting, a drawing, a portrait, a photograph or a video: "These are images of my wedding."

An image may simply seek to represent reality or, rather, have a symbolic function, with a certain significant charge in its cultural context. This is the case of images such as traffic signs, flags or signs, related to visual communication.

Image can also mean statue, effigy or painting of a sacred person: "They restored the image of the Nazarene in the church."

As an image we can also refer to the physical appearance of a person and, by extension, the resemblance of one person to another: "You are the spitting image of your grandfather."

Image can also refer to mental representations, ideas or concepts that one has about something or someone: "I had made a very different image of this house".

In rhetoric, an image is a figure where a word or expression is used to suggest a relationship of metaphorical resemblance or resemblance between two things: "Grandfather's snowy hair."

Corporate image

Corporate image refers to the set of values ​​and attributes that an entity, organization or company represents, and the way in which this is perceived by society. In this sense, the corporate image is a mental representation that is determined by the actions, the philosophy and the physical structure of the entity or organization, and is transmitted to the public through communication campaigns through the different media, as well as by the principles and values ​​on which its actions are based.

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