5 pictures that show the true meaning of Christmas

Christmas is the religious holiday in which the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated every December 25. It is one of the most important festivals of the liturgical year and of the Christian faith, as it reminds us that God became man.

Christmas is a time to reflect and remember that its true meaning is love shown through various actions and values ​​such as solidarity, generosity, family unity, joy, hope, peace, charity, among other values. human and religious.

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Christmas means love

God gave his only Son to redeem in him all the sins of man, that is why we are free to be condemned, especially when we accept God's love. Therefore, the main meaning of Christmas is love that is given unconditionally and without asking for anything in return.

Christmas is union

Christmas is a celebration that is customary to celebrate with the family. For this reason, countless people are reunited with their relatives and loved ones to share together the joy of the birth of the Child Jesus and the family reunion.

Christmas is time for reflection

At this time of year, people tend to take a moment for reflection and try to understand the consequences of their actions, the mysteries of life and determine where they should improve. At Christmas it is important to reflect on what we can do for our spiritual well-being.

Christmas is peace time

Christmas is love, union and sharing, therefore, it is a time of peace, to apologize, to forgive and put aside what caused annoyance. Christmas invites us to reconcile with ourselves and with those around us.

Christmas also means gratitude

At Christmas it is important to show our gratitude through faith, spirituality, and good deeds. Thank God for health, family, work, love and the good times lived.

At Christmas it is important that people are grateful and really value what is significant in life over the superficial and material.

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