Meaning of Imagotype

What is Imagotype:

An imagotype is one of the forms of graphic representation of a brand. In this, the icon and the brand name form a visual unit, that is, both make up a visual set.

In the imagotype, the icon and the text are combined in a single composition. In this composition, both elements constitute a duly harmonized and interdependent whole, without being fused.

As an example, we can mention the isotypes of NBC, Amazon, Puma or Carrefour.

The imagotypes, along with the logos, isotypes or isologos, are some of the graphic design strategies for the placement of a brand in the market through visual resources.

Characteristics of an imagotype

Among the characteristics of an imagotype the following can be mentioned:

  • Image and word are harmoniously related and balanced with each other.
  • Image and word are not integrated or merged into one, but are distinguished from each other.
  • Eventually, when the brand has spread and become hegemonic, an imagotype can give way to an isotype suppressing the word so that the icon prevails, as has happened today with the Nike or Apple brand.

Difference between imagotype, logo, isotype and isologo

Unlike the imagotype, the logo is distinguished because it uses the brand's own name as an image. Such are the cases of brands such as Coca-Cola, Google or Fedex.

For its part, the isotype is the representation of the brand only through an icon without text. For example, the Apple, Twitter, or Shell isotype.

Lastly, the isologue differs from the imagotype in that it combines icon and text in a properly fused unit. This is the case, for example, of Burger King. In this case, separation is impossible.

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