Meaning of Unpredictable

What is Unpredictable:

As unpredictable we designate something that cannot be predicted or predicted. The word, as such, is composed with the prefix im-, which indicates negation, and the word predictable, which is what can be conjectured or intuited is going to happen.

Thus, then, any phenomenon, event or situation that escapes the scientific or technical possibilities to be announced or known before it occurs is unpredictable.

Unpredictable events are difficult to control or know, either because we do not have the means to do so, or because we do not have the necessary knowledge.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis, traffic accidents, the way in which a person will react in a situation of pressure are unpredictable, the future is unpredictable.

Thus, everything that cannot be known before it happens or that cannot be anticipated in advance thanks to the recognition of certain signals or patterns is unpredictable.

In fact, there are people who, in themselves, due to their way of acting, acting or behaving, are unpredictable, and have difficulties to dominate or control themselves in certain situations.

The opposite of unpredictable is the predictable, that is, those situations that can be foreseen, thanks to the knowledge of certain indications that allow anticipating the behavior or result of the situation in question. It is predictable, for example, that tomorrow will dawn.

Synonyms for unpredictable are unpredictable, unpredictable. Antonyms are predictable, predictable, presumed, predictable, imaginable.

In English, unpredictable can be translated as unpredictable. For instance: "Donald Trump: increasingly irrelevant, unpredictable and cruel”(Donald Trump: increasingly irrelevant, unpredictable and cruel).

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