Meaning of Essential

What is Essential:

Essential is a person or thing that is considered necessary and cannot be ignored. The essential term is an adjective of Latin origin "praescindere" that means "to cut ahead", with the prefix "prae" that indicates "before or ahead", with the verb "scindere" that expresses "cut or divide" plus the suffix "Ble".

The term essential can be used in different areas but always maintaining its character as necessary or important in the context of which it is spoken, for example: in the field of chemistry, for the existence of a molecular reaction, the presence of double bonds or triples in the molecule; the sun is essential both for human existence and for the animal and plant kingdom, water is essential for life on the planet and the productive processes of humanity.

In reference to what is indicated, it does not matter in the context that the word essential is used, the important thing is that the person or thing that is indicated is fundamental for the performance of an action in order to generate, achieve something or keep things the same .

The word essential can be used as a synonym for: necessary, precise, indispensable, vital, obligatory, irreplaceable, among others. Also, some antonyms of the referred word are: unnecessary, dispensable, replaceable, and so on.

The essential term translated into the English language is “essential”.

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