Meaning of In vitro

What is In vitro:

The term in vitro It is of Latin origin which means "inside the glass". In consideration of the above, in vitro It is the technique that is carried out outside the body, inside a test tube, in a culture medium, or in any other artificial environment.

As such, the expression "In vitro" It is a Latin phrase that indicates all the studies or experiments that are carried out outside the organism. Many experiments are carried out outside the body, and tend to focus on organs, tissues, cells, cellular components, proteins, and / or biomolecules.

The term in vitro is automatically related to assisted reproductive techniques, especially in vitro fertilization, it is the union of sex cells, eggs and sperm in glass containers. However, in 1922 the first experiences of plant tissue culture were carried out in vitro, consisted of germination in vitro of orchid seeds, which were then kept in a culture medium as protection from the attack of microorganisms until they became adult plants.

Fertilization in vitro

Fertilization in vitro It is a method of assisted reproduction, in which it consists of the fertilization of the oocytes by the sperm outside the mother's body, and once the fertilized oocyte is introduced into the woman's uterus, to continue with its development until delivery.

Fertilization in vitro is an assisted technique to help a woman get pregnant, an impossibility that can arise from many causes, among which we can mention: obstruction or damage of the fallopian tubes, advanced age, endometriosis, male sterility when there is no decrease in the sperm count and destruction.

Fertilization in vitro It is done under five basic steps:

  • Oocyte stimulation, also known as superovulation.
  • Egg removal.
  • Insemination and fertilization.
  • Embryo culture.
  • Embryo transfer.

Finally, the pioneer of fertilization in vitro It was Robert Edwards, and it was achieved in humans for the first time in 1978.

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