Meaning of Ineffable

What is Ineffable:

Ineffable is that which cannot be described or expressed. Ineffable is something so out of the ordinary that words cannot explain it.

The ineffable word comes from Latin ineffabilis composed of the prefix in- for negation, the suffix -bile which refers to the ‘capacity of’ and the Latin verb fabri, which indicates 'say'.

Ineffable is an adjective that can express something incredibly positive, for example in the case of an ineffable well-being or an ineffable joy. It is also used to describe something extremely unpleasant as in the case of unspeakable trauma or unspeakable company.

Ineffable is synonymous with indescribable, inexplicable, unspeakable, extraordinary and the antonym of explainable, describable, narrable, ordinary.

In English, ineffable translates as ineffable or unspeakable.

Phrases with ineffable

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