Meaning of Infallible

What is Infallible:

As infallible, something or someone is designated that cannot fail or make mistakes.The word, as such, comes from Latin infallibilis, which is formed with the suffix in-, which translates 'in-', and fallibilis, which means 'fallible'.

Thus, an infallible person is one who cannot make mistakes, who never makes a mistake or takes a wrong step. Catholics, for example, hold that the pope is infallible.

Infallible is also something that is safe or unfailing, that does not fail or is highly reliable, either because it always gives the desired or expected result, or because it never stops working correctly.

Thus, infallible can be a method, a mechanism, a remedy or a diet. For example: "This diet to lose weight is infallible."

Synonyms of infallible are true, sure, unfailing, unequivocal, incontestable, indubitable or undoubted. Antonyms, for their part, are fallible, erroneous, inaccurate or misleading.

In English, infallible can be translated as infallible. For instance: "The Pope in not infallible”(The pope is not infallible).

Infallible in Catholicism

In Catholic theology, it is affirmed that the Bible was inspired by God to men and that, consequently, it is infallible, an argument according to which the absolute credibility of the Christian doctrine set forth in the Bible is established.

On the other hand, Catholicism also supports the dogma according to which any teaching or lesson declared by the Supreme Pontiff or Pope on matters of faith and morals is infallible, that is, it is not subject to being questioned, and must be unconditionally abided by. .

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