Meaning of Infidel

What is Unfaithful:

Unfaithful is a term used to refer to a person who lacks fidelity. It is a term used in the religious field, especially in Christianity and Islam, to identify individuals who do not put into practice a faith that is considered authentic or true.

For example, in Christianity it is said that a person is unfaithful when he has not been baptized or because he does not believe in the divinity of Jesus. In contrast, in Islam, an unfaithful person is referred to when he denies Allah or the Prophet Muhammad.

The word unfaithful is also used to indicate the person who commits acts of infidelity, that is, who behaves in an unfair way when faced with a commitment and whose feelings towards the person with whom he maintains a relationship are not entirely stable, either either during the courtship or during the marriage.

There are various reasons why a person can be unfaithful, including lack of love, a chance encounter, immaturity, monotony, among many others. Infidelity can arise at any time and when it is least expected.

Some synonyms that are used for the term unfaithful are the following: traitor, disloyal, heretic, disbeliever, adulterer, illegitimate, among others. On the contrary, these are some of the antonyms referring to infidel: faithful, loyal, believer or pure.

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The word unfaithful translated into English is written unfaithful. For example, these are some of the uses of this term in both Spanish and English:

"You have to be unfaithful, but never disloyal" which translates to English: You have to be unfaithful, but never disloyal. (Gabriel García Máquez, "The colonel has no one to write to him").

"Unfaithful people give promises they cannot keep", which translates to English as follows: Unfaithful people give promises they can't keep.


Infidelity refers to the lack of commitment, perseverance and fidelity towards a person or faith. It is a word that originates from Latin infidelity, infidelĭtātis.

The most common example that exposes the actions of an unfaithful person occurs in some relationships in a couple or marriage. That is, one of the two involved breaks the mutual commitment of monogamy and is related to a third person outside the established relationship.

When an individual is unfaithful, he hurts his partner emotionally and morally, incurs disrespect, disloyalty. Being unfaithful is considered a serious offense and undermines the values ​​that are part of a relationship.

However, depending on the cultural differences that exist, it will be judged or considered serious or not to be unfaithful to a couple, since there are customs that allow polygamy relationships, while in others only those of monogamy.

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