Infiltration Meaning

What is Infiltration:

The term infiltration refers to the action of introducing or infiltrating a liquid substance into the soil, into the tissues of the human body, or into a solid object.

However, the word infiltration has different meanings depending on the area where it is used. Infiltration is also an important technique that is often used in the military, police and political spheres.

It refers to the action of infiltrating a person into a place, organization or group of people, of which they are not part, with the aim of obtaining specific information and from which profit or advantage can be gained.

Water infiltration

Water infiltration has to do with the hydrological cycle, which refers to the penetration of water through the various permeable layers of the soil, whose main function is to prevent soil erosion, nourish plants and avoid possible floods.

The infiltration of water depends on the characteristics of the soil, that is, on its ability to infiltrate, store and transfer or conduct water, as well as on the different external agents caused by human activity and that affect the hydrological cycle.

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