Meaning of Infinity

What is Infinity:

Infinite is an adjective that means that something has no limits, that it has neither beginning nor end. The word comes from Latin infinitus, which means 'no limit', 'undefined' or 'indeterminate'.

The concept of infinity has application in common language as well as in various areas of knowledge, such as philosophy, theology, mathematics, geometry, and astronomy.

In common language the word infinity is used to indicate that something is very numerous or that it is enormous. For example: "The number of grains of sand on the beach is infinite." It is also used in the sense of indicating remoteness and imprecision of something. "The road stretched out to infinity."

Infinity in math

In mathematics, the concept of infinity does not refer to a quantity or number precisely, but rather to the absence of limits in a certain direction or to a possibility. In any case, it designates a value greater than any other that can be attributed.

It is represented by the following symbol: ∞. This symbol, which looks like a number eight in horizontal orientation, is characterized by having neither beginning nor end.

See also: Infinity Symbol.

Infinity in metaphysics

In metaphysics, infinity is a concept that does not admit any type of delimitation, since any effort to delimit, contain or define is, in itself, a negation.

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