Report Meaning

What is Report:

A report is the detailed description of the characteristics and circumstances of a specific matter. As such, it collects in a clear and orderly way the results and findings of a research and observation process, to be communicated to a specific audience, which may well be a specialized audience (technical, scientific, academic), a higher instance (companies, organizations, government entities) or the general public (mass dissemination publications).In this sense, it can be presented orally or in writing.

The word report derives from the verb "inform", which comes from the Latin I will informHence, as a report we also designate the action and effect of reporting.

In Law, a report is known as the presentation that, in a process, the prosecutor makes before the court in charge of giving sentence.

Used as an adjective, the word report refers to the quality of what has no form or figure. It can also refer to something whose shape is vague and indeterminate.

Report and its parts

A report is generally structured as follows:

  • Title that faithfully and explicitly reflects the topic.
  • Index or table of contents of the main parts or sections that constitute it.
  • Introduction that briefly outlines the issue, the issues to be addressed, the approach to be used, your motive and intention.
  • Development that contains the main and complete information, together with results and analysis.
  • Conclusion where the most relevant results are collected and, if applicable, recommendations.
  • Bibliography with the sources on which the text is based, ordered and specified.
  • Annexes (if any) with any additional information of interest, such as photographs, plans, graphics or documents related to the main topic.

Scientific report

The scientific report is one by means of which the procedure, methodology, results and conclusions of a scientific work are made known to a specialized audience. As such, it consists of a title, an abstract or abstract, the introduction; the method, material and procedure used for the experience; results, analysis, conclusions and bibliography.

Investigation report

A research report is designated as one developed to collect, in a detailed and concise manner, the methods, procedures and results obtained from a research work. As such, the research report can respond to various formats, such as a monographic work, a thesis or an article, in the same way that it can be presented in the form of a presentation or conference.

The technical report

The technical report is a description of the characteristics, circumstances and status of a technical problem. Generally, it is assigned by companies or organizations to an expert or expert, who, after a rigorous examination and analysis, must present their results in a formal and orderly manner, and propose solutions, alternatives or recommendations to the body that entrusted the task. .

Demonstrative report

The demonstrative report is one where a hypothesis is formulated whose formal verification will be carried out. In this sense, it describes the methods and procedures that were used in the experiment, and then presents the results and conclusions. It is typical of scientific or technical reports.

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