Meaning of Misfortune

What is Misfortune:

Misfortune is known as the adverse fate that individuals sometimes experience due to various circumstances. For example, "He had the misfortune of being mugged while leaving the store with the gifts."

It should be remembered that misfortunes occur at any time and sometimes when they are least expected, many times due to a series of errors or acts that have been developed in a wrong way or due to circumstances beyond people's control.

The word misfortune derives from Latin misfortune, and among some of the synonyms that can be used for this term are: adversity, misfortune, misery, calamity, misfortune, disaster, unhappiness, among others.

Misfortune is also often used to indicate the unfortunate state in which someone is. "After the divorce he was mired in misfortune", "His state of health has surpassed a whole series of misfortunes".

Another use of the word misfortune is to refer to an unfortunate incident or event, "After several misfortunes the company went bankrupt", "The soccer team has suffered several misfortunes since they changed the coach", "It seems that misfortune follows me" .

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